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Government procurement counselors from the North Carolina Procurement Technical Center (PTAC) will lead an informative and interactive workshop guaranteed to jump-start your next federal proposal.

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Because the needs of every client differ, pricing will depend on the nature of a specific project. Needless to say, results for proposal submissions cannot be guaranteed, particularly in these ultra-competitive times.

Nor is it realistic or ethical to base payment on success or as a percentage of dollar amounts requested (see PGSA for a nice article on this).


Government and non-government Grants and Contracts Federal grants and contracts, particularly with a technical flavor, are a specialty.

I bid $12,000 for the work, and the client accepted. Besides quoting a price, RFPs also have to make a compelling case to help the contractor win the project and may require information such as: There wasn’t any time to waste when my prospect called. I had one shot, on a tight schedule, to provide outstanding service.

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Here’s what the proposal writing process looked like: When a business or government agency needs goods or services, they often send out an RFP [request for proposal] to an approved list of vendors (writing is a service, you can be a vendor.) It’s why I spent so much time getting listed on those government contracting sites. It’s a document that describes in great detail what an organization needs and wants to purchase. The primary reason businesses and government agencies use RFPs is to collect competitive bids for goods or services. I was thrilled to learn the company had already won millions of dollars in contracts, and that my forgotten government profiles are still floating around out there, and still categorize me as a writer. Here’s what made the job a success: Experience The help this client needed was right in line with my past experience. Dependability The three of us completed eight pieces of work for the RFP that the client was very happy with. Value The price I quoted reflected the expected effort and our expertise, but also the rather intense schedule shuffling we’d have to do to accommodate a very short timeline with virtually no advance notice. Sign up on your neighborhood small business directory. The Seibert Group provides a range of proposal writing services for businesses that respond to RFPs from schools, state government agencies, or from other businesses.If you prefer that I work on-site, I am glad to accommodate, but costs will be higher owing to travel expense and time.This option may be particularly beneficial if the task is complex or if a long-term relationship is envisioned.If your organization is looking for a professional grant writer or contract proposal writer, Grant Strategies, LLC, provides grant writing and contract proposal writing for government, non-profits, schools, and businesses nationwide.Grant Strategies writes government grants, faith-based grants, foundation grants, corporate giving grants, as well as SBIR grants for small businesses, plus STTR and other business contract proposals.I will rarely substitute for the experts resident on your staff, but Proposal Exponent has a solid grasp of many technology areas and excels at packaging difficult concepts and propositions for specific audiences. Please realize that a good proposal consultant or writer does not need to be versed in the subject matter of every proposal he or she touches – but sometimes, this can be a real asset!When I got a random phone call from a prospect about a proposal writing gig, I was curious. ” You can make a lot of money doing this kind of work, right? I registered my writing business on sites like the System for Award Management and Fed Biz Opps where you can find contracts. When this proposal writing assignment was complete, the client immediately asked if we were available to help on the next one.“I need help writing an RFP [request for proposal] for a multi-year, multi-million dollar cyber security contract for a government agency,” the person said. I tried to land big contracts, then smaller ones without success. And then this prospect found me on one of those government sites for contractors. It was a lot of work to complete this RFP and meet the deadline (4,000-plus words for eight pieces of the proposal, writing and editing a lot of technical content, and of course the drop-everything short time frame) The factors I considered were: I knew that this job might segue to a great relationship with a new client that might offer future corporate writing opportunities at great rates. That is all the assurance I need to know that the job went well. Months before this unexpected phone call, I did a lot of leg work to try and land proposal writing gigs and government contract work. I navigated clunky government websites and studied the jargon. If a potential client asks you to do a rush job, let your price reflect that. Remember, the end goal is to land a great client that you can work with for a long time.


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