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In a paper released today by the People’s Policy Project, we outline a new public R&D strategy that can help achieve a more sustainable environment and a more equitable economy.To that end, we argue that existing federal innovation programs should be scaled up significantly and reoriented to produce technology necessary for a carbon-negative economy.

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Engaged in very achievable initiatives to make possible both a reduction in environmental impact and sustainable growth, the Toray Group is promoting LCM environmental management as based on "life cycle management" (LCM).

In order to efficiently act on LCM, we have introduced "life cycle assessment" (LCA) to implement activities that will spread LCM and make it an established practice.

Those five strategies are: As NIST has noted, the Green Paper “informs, but does not prescribe, policy decisions.” Still, the Green Paper provides valuable insight into potential priorities and may serve to spur future regulatory, legislative, or administrative action—presenting continued, significant opportunities for input from industry and other interested parties along the way.

[1] The fifteen findings discuss (1) government use license; (2) march-in rights; (3) preference for U. manufacturing; (4) copyright of software; (5) proprietary information; (6) strengthen technology transfer at federal laboratories; (7) presumption of government rights to employee inventions; (8) streamlined partnership mechanisms; (9) expanded partnership mechanisms; (10) technology commercialization incentives; (11) technology entrepreneurship programs; (12) managing conflicts of interest; (13) federal IP data reporting system(s); (14) access to federal technologies, knowledge, and capabilities; and (15) benchmarking and metrics.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal for a Green New Deal is a major step forward in the fight for a green economic transition and progressive social reform.

While many of the goals put forward in the proposal involve investments in infrastructure and already-existing green technologies, the Green New Deal also calls for “public investments in the research and development of new clean and renewable energy technologies and industries.” As some observers have pointed out, the Green New Deal’s R&D strategy will be the key element in bringing down the cost of low-carbon energy.

They also wanted the government to retain its ownership stakes over the results of these programs, since they were funded by the public in the first place.

This progressive vision eventually lost out, however, to alternatives supported by conservatives in Congress and business groups, and it has never been fully revived.

concentration, water shortages due to increasing population, and resource depletion – are growing ever more serious.

Against that backdrop, Toray has stated its commitment to management focused on the global environment, and we are strongly promoting projects to expand our green innovation business.


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