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Guidelines For Essay Writing-3
An expository essay should have a clear thesis and conscience.The student here should ensure that their thesis aligns with the guidelines of the topic.

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In this essay, the writer has to state clearly all the characters, the plot, the setting of the essay, a good introduction, and the conclusion.

In writing this type of essay, first person perspective is used because it is the writer who is narrating the story.

In a descriptive essay, one is expected to describe the topic allocated.

In the essay, you can be asked to describe a place, object, experience or even an emotion.

Before writing a descriptive essay, you should first take time to brainstorm about the topic and come up with all the attributes associated with it so that you can organize them and arrange them to flow.

It is good to use clear language to bring the proper impression of what you are writing.In order to come up with a good college essay writing one also has to have a better understanding of their audience.College essays help a student to make an impression about themselves.A college essay is mostly written by students to admission officers, and it is through the essay that their ability is gauged.Sometimes, students even participate in essay writing contests.In a persuasive essay, there are usually two views about an idea hence debatable, and it is the responsibility of the writer to bring out their view clearly in a persuading manner so that the audience may be convinced about their point.In a persuasive essay, you should be able to come to a stand and counter the opposes by disapproving them with well-stated evidence.The thesis should cover all the content of the topic planning to be discussed.There should be a clear connection between the introduction, the body and the conclusion to ensure a smooth flow.It is not easy to just come up with a well-crafted essay, at one point you may find your sentences tumbling off from each other and hence destroying the flow of your work.You may also have many ideas but arranging them to flow smooth may cost you your essay.


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