Gulf War Essay Thesis

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Negative effect became very visible on the example of birds and small mammals, but negative impact on bigger animals and even humans also appeared after some time.

The pour of oil from Kuwait wells resulted in the appearance of big petrochemical lakes. They also create a big damage to the see when they drain there.

In addition, it caused great damage to the sea turtles, marine animals.

It also caused great harm to the migration birds, which passed through this region and this damage is hard to estimate.

Toxic gases, which got into the air because of oil burning also had very dangerous consequences for the animals of the region.

These gases cause respiratory diseases among all kinds of animals, living in this region.Americans quickly distinguished the source of spill and armed forces of the U. destroyed pipes in order to prevent future dumping in into the Gulf.Polluted air, water and soil became not the only consequences of the Gulf War.For the first time researches tried to make a systematic study of the impact of the war on animals.From the other side, this very war became the first war when military forces tried to defend animals from the effects of the war.According to the Iraqi version of event American army became the reason of the spill.Iraqi media spread information that Americans cussed the discharge in the oil tankers.For the first time in history animals became the victims of oil spill, which appeared during the war.The Gulf war added a new dimension to the risks for animals as well as humans: the use of oil as a weapon.There are no exact numbers which would measure damage but different reserves state the spill was from 42 to 462 million gallons of oil.The slick, which appeared as a result of this spill, reaches about 100 miles.


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