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George Belsky, the special agent in charge of the ATF in New Jersey, agrees."In my experience as a case agent in other states, there are great home-based FFLs, there are great storefront FFLs," Belsky said, using the acronym for federal firearms licenses.

George Belsky, the special agent in charge of the ATF in New Jersey, agrees."In my experience as a case agent in other states, there are great home-based FFLs, there are great storefront FFLs," Belsky said, using the acronym for federal firearms licenses.

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Just five years ago, there were about 100 home-based shops, while today there are at least 140, according to NJ Advance Media's analysis."There's a cultural thing -- gun people are happier dealing with gun people, rather than large retail outlets," said Robert Farago, the publisher of The Truth About, a website for gun enthusiasts.

"But the one factor that overrides all of this is just this enormous growth in gun sales.

Unannounced state and federal inspections, carried out about every three years in New Jersey, can last up to four hours.

He had to pass background checks to get a license to sell guns.

And when efforts in Congress to tighten restrictions on them fizzled after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, they became a hot commodity for firearms dealers like Veni."I must have bought about 50 of them, and I had them all in my living room," said Veni, whose home-based store is in a Brick neighborhood of evenly spaced, modest homes with well manicured lawns.

"People were coming in and out."Selling guns out of a home in New Jersey is perfectly legal, as long as proprietors are zoned for home-based businesses and have the proper state and federal paperwork -- called federal firearms licenses, or FFLs.

Like other gun dealers, Teodorczy takes care of the National Instant Criminal Background Check."If you don't know about guns, doing this job is no good," Teodorczy said.

"You've got to know what's legal and not legal in New Jersey." RELATED: Legislature overrides Christie on gun bill Angelo Corradino, the mayor of Manville, said he recently learned that gun shops can operate from homes."Shocked me, matter of fact," Corradino said.

The businesses run the gamut, from gun-club enthusiasts who help their friends with online transfers and background checks a few times a year, to home businesses that sell dozens of guns out of neighborhood homes every month.

The number of those home-based gun businesses are steadily increasing as the number of gun shops in New Jersey grows at a faster rate than in any other state except South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida (New Jersey still has relatively fewer gun shops than most of the nation).


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