Heart Of Darkness Coursework

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The novel reflects the presence of colonists in colony that is in Africa.

Conrad wrote this novel in 1890s during the time when European placed the darkest sites of the world under their control.

This inability has a close resemblance to the chaos theory.

This is shown through the contrast of Kurtz as told by others and the actuality of him and through the progression of Marlow's character throughout Heart of Darkness.

In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, the butterflies that accompany Mauricio Babilonia are signifiers that are given precedence over whatever they signify (Marquez).

Such instances are rare and an analysis of why this is so is one of the important consequences of deconstruction.Apart from this, the techniques of writing that are employed in the novel make it similar to the ones that were employed by writers such as James Joyce and Virginia Woolf.His writing is also quite different in style and thematic content from the works of the fin-de-siecle writers like Oscar Wilde and Charles Baudelaire.On the face of it, the modernists were quite radical in their views and saw themselves to be located outside the politics of their times even though their writings were heavily influenced by it.Conrad’s novel claims to be anti-imperialist (Hawkins, 286); however, it has several racist stereotypes that are used for the purpose of description of Africans that Marlow encounters on his way to meet Kurtz.Everyone who really knew him revered his opinions and words."You don't talk with that man-- you listen to him." (90) All this points to a very moral and upstanding gentleman who follows the edicts of society to the bitter end. He had the heads of "rebels" (97) on posts around his house, staring at his home.Deconstruction as a school of thought and criticism originated with the work of Jacques Derrida who spoke of the need for a critique of the relations between the signified and the signifier.What he proposed was not a dismantling of the structures formed of these elements but an analysis of their relative importance.Such an analysis would be extremely relevant to the field of literary analysis as it would enable critics to understand the politics of the signifier and the signified and the other binary oppositions that operate therein.These can be seen in the importance that is given to what is signified over the signifier, in certain instances.


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