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Often the final six lines conclude with a rhyming couplet (two-liner) about the sonnet’s overall concept or theme. Also, I want to prove a point to you here – that almost anything will do as your starting topic.

Sonnets fall into two main types: • The English sonnet, which is made up of three sections of four lines each followed by one rhyming couplet • The slightly older Romance or Italian sonnet, which is formed in two sections, of eight lines and six lines respectively There are other forms. So, knowing this, if you would like even more details about how to write a sonnet, the following step-by-step method may help. I look around the room I’m writing this in and notice my rug, which is an old Persian wool affair in warm, faded red, blue and brown.

An "a" line rhymes with another "a" line, a "d" line rhymes with another "d" line, etc.

So in a Shakespearian sonnet, the first line (a) rhymes with the third line (also called "a").

a fourteen-line poem with a regular rhythm which also rhymes. EXAMPLE: if I decide to write a sonnet only on the topic of ‘my mum’, I’ll end up with a description of her, or a set of memories, or something similar – it will be a motionless poem in that it will simply circle about on the same topic.

It shows a movement or development in ideas or feelings between the first eight lines and the final six. But if I try to write a sonnet with more motion in its subject matter, by starting with Mum and then moving on, my sonnet will end up on a topic other than her. So I’d rather start with something that isn’t my mum and then I know I can move the subject of the sonnet on to her.This page talks about how to write a sonnet and offers some poem starters for writing your own.This is just one of many pages on this website about poetry types and techniques. (One is, surely, allowed to be poetic on a page about poetry.) Perhaps your sonnet is just for you to read. So the purpose is to make my mum feel a warm glow on Mother's Day. (Simple.) (Note for US readers: I’m British, as you may have noticed already.) Purpose and audience of your sonnet So, now is the moment of first truth; the point of your creation's genesis; the superhuman instant, when you set the consequence and nature of your sonnet. Convert the 14 lines into rhyming iambic pentameter (five beats to a line, da-DA da-DA da-DA da-DA da-DA). What is it that you want to make yourself think, feel or remember when you read it? It will still be read by a different you at a different time.At the bottom of this page, you'll find links to other CWN poetry a rhythmic unit that includes an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one. Find a relationship between the ideas, audience and purpose. (b) almost any topic can be made to serve your purpose and audience. Two very handy tips for how to write a sonnet: (a) specific, definite, limited topics are good, because a sonnet is a short poem.


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