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Gaines, the character of Grant Wiggins becomes a hero by teaching the prisoner Jefferson to die with dignity.Through fate and "bad luck", grant changes Jefferson so that he doesn't die like a fool but as a hero.

Gaines, the character of Grant Wiggins becomes a hero by teaching the prisoner Jefferson to die with dignity.

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During the 1940's the character of Jefferson is convicted of a murder that he did not commit. Emma, jefferson's godmother becomes sick and grants aunt, tante lou, spends time to take care of her.

For his closing argument, Jefferson's lawyer says, "What justice would there be to take this life? Why, I would just as soon put a hog in the electric chair as this" pg.6 A Lesson Before Dying by Gaines. grant unfortunately has to go to the jailhouse alone to spend time with Jefferson.

This excerpt covers the 18 Brumaire coup that abolishes the Directory as well as the accomplishments of Napoleon as Consul (e.g.

Napoleonic code, establishment of the state schools, the central bank, etc.) From Episode Three, start 8 minutes into the film and end at approximately 34 minutes into it with images of fields of stubble.

Newspaper Staffs Get to Work Divide the class into newspaper staffs.

For 30 students you might create six teams of five, three for Napoleon and three against.This slap in the face echoes throughout the black community. When grant get there Jefferson is cold and unreceptive when Jefferson finally does talk he gets on the floor and buries is head in the food like a hog. During this whole time grant despises being at the court house.If Jefferson dies like a hog it will prove their white counterparts right. Emma ask grant to take the responsibility of teaching Jefferson to die like a man. He feels that this isn't going to help his community at all.(Both words have Greek derivatives.) Now pose the question: Are these terms mutually exclusive?Is it possible that a hero could be a tyrant or a tyrant a hero?This covers one of Napoleon's greatest moments on the battlefield: Austerlitz.Then show either Episode Four - the first 5 minutes which covers Napoleon's disastrous invasion of Spain.Introducing the newspaper assignment Ask students how they might feel if they were living in 1815 after Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. Would they be fearful that what might come next would be worse? List on the blackboard several hypothetical French characters such as: A French mother who lost two sons in the Retreat from Moscow in 1812 and who lives in a village with families still grieving for other young men who died during the many years of warfare under Napoleon's rule.Discuss with the class how these people might have reacted to the news of Napoleon's defeat and why. INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVESAnalyze leading ideas of the revolution concerning social equality, democracy, human rights. Meanwhile in Vienna, various European heads of state and diplomats are meeting to devise a new order for Europe. Each team must produce a newspaper from 1815 which assesses Napoleon's career.Next ask a student to read aloud a dictionary definition for each word.


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