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[tags: Basketball, High school, Three-point field goal] - Soccer (Football) as known in most of the countries and Basketball both are sports that played at high schools and colleges in U. The similar points of both of them are not too much.

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There are truly two of sports we highlight in today culture.

They are so popular that you see them all over the world, or maybe different version of them.

Basketball today has grown in the United States to bout 300 million people, that is a very large sum (“Bellies”).

Although there are many stories to who discovered the game of basketball, it really just depended on who and where the story was told....

CURRENT SOCIAL MEDIA The current media techniques employed by the NBA is there own very site which is ( The NBA also uses twitter to promote and advertise its products and games and which currently have 15.9millions followers and the players also have twitter account which they used...

[tags: Basketball, National Basketball Association] - Has there ever been an activity that you wondered how it was invented.

The clock starts and all that can be heard is the opposing team running down the court dribbling the ball to shoot the final shot. When the opposing team missed their shot, the crowd let out shrieks of joy and ran down onto the court to celebrate.

Basketball was invented in 1891 by a Canadian Doctor named James Naismith and the game has changed dramatically since....

It seems completely bizarre to even think about the game with twelve players on the court rather than ten.

Many things changed when they transitioned into the new system of basketball.... The physical body contact is a part of these two games.


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