High Vocabulary Words To Use In An Essay

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However, I want a more descriptive word than “difficult.” What other word could I use? Notice that each word has a slightly different meaning.

A thesaurus might give me choices like these: complex, intricate, tricky, and thorny. Which meaning seems to work best when talking about an engine?

We use spoken and written words every single day to communicate ideas, thoughts, and emotions to those around us.

Sometimes we communicate successfully, and sometimes we’re not quite so successful. ” becomes our mantra (an often repeated word or phrase).

Another way to develop a strong vocabulary is to read books with rich vocabulary.

These books will help you see the words in context (in their natural settings).

More info on Descriptive Writing When you’re faced with a writing assignment, a good vocabulary is an indispensable (very important or necessary) tool.

If you have several synonyms (words with similar meanings) in your repertoire (“toolbox”), you’ll be able to choose the best word for the job.

Since an engine has many complexly interrelating (connected together like a puzzle) parts, the word “intricate” seems to be a great choice.

Putting an engine together can definitely be intricate work. The thesaurus and dictionary have saved the day and have helped me develop my vocabulary!


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