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Therefore, I am continuing to follow my gut on this issue and do what I think is right for my students.I’ve always been an educator who believes in family time and have never given homework on weekends or over holidays, but I am also very mindful of work I give on weeknights.The effects of all these conflicting goals roll downhill to educators at the middle and elementary school levels.

During my time as a special education teacher, I had no control over the assignments my students were given by other teachers.

In those years, I witnessed a lot of ineffective teaching – and some that was sheer brilliance.

If a student is absent more than three days homework will be provided and if absences continue, more will be provided upon the return of the first batch.

When I was a teenager in the 1980s, there was a commercial with a young man looking directly at the camera lamenting, “Homework! I also did little homework because I was also one of those kids who broke the rules and generally did homework assignments during class while the teacher was instructing.

I began my quest to make all of my classwork, and resulting homework, motivating and useful to my students.

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This included an intense study of motivation while obtaining my graduate degree in Education Psychology.After Sputnik, it was the way we would beat the Russians to the moon.The resulting backlash (post-moon landing) led to my elementary school years in the blissful 1970s when more problem solving, hands-on learning was emphasized.We are now seeing the detrimental effects of this overtaxing of our children in the form of anxiety, attention issues, and increased family stress.The result is a lot of necessary conversation around the topic of the value of homework.We recently had the homework discussion at my school, after listening to feedback from parents.One of the conclusions we reached: many of my colleagues would love to give less homework, but they feel that they would be doing a disservice to the students by not sufficiently preparing them for the next level of their education (HS), which gives significantly more homework.I worked two jobs during college and was miserable, exhausted, and didn’t enjoy my classes as much as I should have. I also feel that if teaching time in school is used effectively, not much homework to be given.When I do give homework, I make every effort to make it engaging, meaningful, and brief.When I began teaching English in 2008, I wanted to be more like the excellent teachers I’d known.I never wanted my classes to feel like a “sit and get” experience that students must somehow survive.


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