How To Solve Fraction Word Problems

How To Solve Fraction Word Problems-76
Example 3: It took Nick five-thirds of an hour to complete his math homework on Monday, three-fourths of an hour on Tuesday, and five-sixths of an hour on Wednesday.How many hours did he take to complete his homework altogether?

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13 – The total number of fruits (13) corresponds to the denominator (the number which expresses the number of total possible parts).

The solution to this problem is an irreducible fraction (a fraction which cannot be simplified). In these problems, we should remember how to carry out operations with fractions.

Solution: Answer: The Cocozzelli family took one-half more days to drive home.

Example 7: A warehouse has 12 and nine-tenths meters of tape in one area of the building, and eight and three-fifths meters of tape in another part. Analysis: To solve this problem, we will add two mixed numbers, with the fractional parts having unlike denominators.

Although they may seem more difficult, in reality, word problems involving fractions are just as easy as those involving whole numbers.

The only thing we have to do is: As you can see, the only difference in fraction word problems is step 5 (simplify).

Analysis: To solve this problem, we will add three fractions with unlike denominators. Solution: Answer: It took Nick three and one-fourth hours to complete his homework altogether.

Example 4: Dina added five-sixths of a bag of soil to her garden.

To write the mixed number four and two-thirds, enter 4, a space, and then 2/3 into the form.

Today we are going to look at some examples of word problems with fractions.


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