How To Write A Summary Of A Research Paper

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Before we dig into the details of how to write a summary of research, it is necessary to take a brief look at what a research summary is.This way, it will be easier to comprehend the finer details of something you can define.

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But what is the difference between a summary and conclusion? When we talk about a summary, we are referring to that part of the paper found at the paper’s beginning to allow the reader to capture what the paper contains.

With the summary, they can elect to skip reading the entire paper without missing essential detail.

Therefore, you need to take the refining process seriously because you will be applying a different skill to write the summary.

While checking your initial copy, you should look out for these following issues: Writing a summary of a research article is different from removing details and information.

You can make serious typing errors while transferring that information.

In addition, you can make grave grammar mistakes while condensing the details.You will be rewriting the same details using fewer words.Therefore, your primary concern should not be the shortness of the draft, but its completeness.When you use an appropriate style, your readers will not just find it easy to understand, but also interesting to read. The essence of all summaries is to say the same thing using fewer words.Therefore, you need to use as few necessary words as possible.However, a conclusion is that section of the paper that is located at its end.It shows the reader the details of how you have arrived at the logical closing of the entire paper.For instance, you can shorten this statement and retain the meaning: “From the findings of the study, it is absolutely evident that we did not observe any significant variations in the behavior patterns of the people we interviewed.” A summarized version of the above statement could read: “Findings show little variations in our sample’s behavior patterns.” In the second sentence, we have used only one-third of the words we used in the first statement.Here, we have used nine words to say what 27 words said without losing the meaning.You have to do this beyond the ability of word processors and grammar programs to highlight spelling mistakes.As a diligent scholar, use your brain and eyes as the final determinant of accuracy since these programs are limited in their ability to detect some errors.


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