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This is another step that can initially seem completely skippable, but organizing your writing can save you considerable stress and frustration. When selecting anecdotes for your essay, pick vivid ones that you can tell succinctly.A good writing plan can streamline or even eliminate the need to do any significant rewrites. Create a rough outline, including approximately how long each paragraph needs to be in order to complete the essay within the word count limits. If a story would require 450 words of a 600 word essay, then you’re not going to have a lot of space to express self-reflection and analysis of the situation.If you later realize that you misread the prompt, you might need to start the writing process from scratch.

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They want to get to know you, and the essay is your first introduction.

Because of this, don’t tell them that you’re passionate about public service. Help the admissions officers envision each example as if they’re experiencing the situation alongside you.

The format may vary slightly according to the subject, but it remains basically the same throughout various classes.

College research papers follow about the same format as essays, but go into more depth.

Research papers, like essays, should include citations.

Footnotes and endnotes are often welcome in research papers.

Writing concisely expresses to the admissions officers that can organize your thoughts and that you respect their time.

The vast majority of the sentences in your essay should be compound, complex, or a combination of both (compound-complex sentences).

It should also include a brief recap of the points discussed in the body.

Most professors will also want you to cite the sources you used to write your essay, including materials from the class and outside sources, either print or electronic.


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