Hum/114 Critical Thinking And Creative Problem Solving

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Examining how social ideas are expressed through and portrayed in works of the creative imagination.

A selection of literary texts, films, visual representations, and/or essays that speak to a particular social issue or set of interrelated social issues.

Industrialization, the American Civil War, start of true globalization.

The spread of westernization, the rivalries of the Great Powers, World War I.

Analyzing the already existing theories of ethical reasoning in the history of philosophy to challenge our at times non-reasoning habits.

Connections between theory and practice in everyday life through very open discussion of everyday examples in connection to our readings of ethical reasoning from Plato, Aristotle, Mill, Kant, Marx, Nietzsche, Sartre, Arendt, De Beauvior, etc.

Examinaton of the definition of the ‘Other’, starting with the widespread description of the term as the processes by which social groups create boundaries and distinctions, often demonizing, dehumanizing, romanticizing, or exoticizing those who do not fit into their society.

Exploring the notions of the Other represented in literature to canvas a human fascination with the foreign and the unknown, unlimited by time, place, or cultural context. Visual perception, gestalt, color theory, drawing as a way of thinking, form and function, poetics of space, collaboration, artistic research.

Interdisciplinary study of connections between art/design and politics, science, psychology, literature, music. Introducing students a select group of significant monuments in world art and architecture and present the unique aesthetic, cultural and historical issues that frame them; presenting the main methods to analyze and interpret artworks produced in different media.

A different time period and culture each week, as wide-ranging as 20th century Europe and America, Safavid Persia, Medieval Europe, Ancient Greece, etc.


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