Hybrid Car Research Papers

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Once it goes over a certain speed or the gas pedal is pressed down to a certain degree, the gas engine then kicks in to assist the electric motor by sending more power through the CVT, ultimately utilizing both to drive the wheels.

Controlling it all is a series of computers that automatically detect certain driving conditions and various parameters.

Better fuel economy is the primary motivation behind hybridization.

But, more recently, automakers are noticing that hybridization also benefits performance. In essence, a hybrid’s electric motor gets its juice from an on-board battery pack that usually sits in in the trunk behind the rear seats or in the floor pan to lower the center of gravity for improved handling.

Thus, the car would basically become an terribly short-range and under-powered electric vehicle.

Supplementing the gasoline engine is an electric motor often integrated into the transmission.

All three rely on a combination of an electric motor and gasoline engine for propulsion and power.

However, they’re all built and designed rather differently, especially when compared to the traditional hybrid system found in a mass-market vehicle.

The electric motor also produces electricity by converting kinetic energy with regenerative braking.

However, without the gas engine, the hybrid’s battery pack cannot recharge to supply the electric motor and some of the vehicle’s main functions.


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