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Widely known are the well known TCP/UDP port assignments (see Port Reference), such as the assignment of TCP port 80 as the standard port for HTTP traffic.In addition to this, the IANA has made a number of other assignments: The assigned numbers (including the port numbers) were once reported using RFC documents.

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To this end, the full spectrum of TCP and UDP port numbers is divided into three ranges, as shown in The existence of these ranges ensures that there will be universal agreement on how to access a server process for the most common TCP/IP protocols, while also allowing flexibility for special applications.

Most of the TCP/IP applications and application protocols use numbers in the well-known port number range for their servers.

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The numbers are divided into three ranges: well-known port numbers used for the most common applications, registered port numbers for other applications, and private/dynamic port numbers that can be used without IANA registration.

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On most computers, these port numbers are used only by server processes run by system administrators or privileged users.

These generally correspond to processes that implement key IP applications, such as Web servers, FTP servers and the like.


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