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Stalin would not agree to the idea of merging all the zones.The United States, France and Britain adamantly agreed that Germany would be disarmed, democratized, and denazified.

Stalin would not agree to the idea of merging all the zones.

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A major disagreement arose, as Russia wanted to injure Germany while the USA wanted to rebuild it.

Stalin wanted compensation for the destruction suffered by the USSR, and Truman opposed.

Tomlinson History HL September 2008 How, and to what extent did the conference at Yalta and Potsdam (1945) contribute to the origin of the Cold War?

The belief that freedom and democracy would die under communist rule caused the United States to start a conflict that would last for decades. The fear of Communism in capitalist nations, caused the United States government to use propaganda to raise Cold War concern.

The decisions made by the United States during World War Two caused tensions to rise between the U. Furthermore, the American media influenced the attitudes of the American people, creating hatred to communism, and allowing it to spread though the nation.

Thus, the United States caused the conflict known as the Cold War, through its political policy and propaganda.

How the period began and what crucial events took place that pitted the two superpowers against one another is an unending source of fascination and debate for historians and non-historians alike.

Learning about the origins of the Cold War can be an excellent starting point for your students to learn more about the ideas, people, places, and events of the era.

The political relations going on in Europe during and directly after World War II had an enormous effect on laying the foundation for the Cold War.

Wartime conferences such as Yalta and Potsdam heartened the relationship between the communists and the capitalists. Middle The bomb became Truman's most possessive possessions, Truman believed it would make Russia more manageable in Europe.


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