Ideas To Write A Book

In a novel about a serial killer, you turn up the gore and depravity.In a literary novel you might focus on the murderer and a life shadowed by guilt.Even if your novel is set in an everyday world, it pays to develop its setting and routines.

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In a straightforward romance, the pair must end up together.

In a literary novel, the romance and the way it turns out might be used to illuminate a more complex truth about the human condition, which may not be simple and happy. In a cosy mystery a murder disturbs the lives of nice folk and must be solved.

You might also find that your characters simply won’t behave a certain way, or an idea that looked neat in the synopsis is clichéd or bland when you try to write it.

If a scene pulls you in an unexpected direction, go with it - but don’t abandon your plan.

Usually we try to establish these basics: • Who are the characters?

• Where is the story set and does that present interesting problems or add to its appeal? • By the end, what has changed and why does that provide a feeling of resolution?

If you try to make these up as you write, you could get in a big muddle – you often create inconsistencies that irritate the reader.

Research can give you plot ideas and solve story problems - for instance, if you need a reason for a character to be delayed on their way home, or a device to get your characters out of a fix. Lists tend to suggest an order of events and this isn’t the stage to decide that.

If you prepare these in advance, the writing goes more smoothly because you don’t have to stop to invent them.

And if you're writing fantasy or science fiction, create some rules for your world – concentrate on the technology, magic, draconian political regimes and bizarre social customs.


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