Identity Theft Essay

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Do you know how many people in America or worldwide are victims of this crime in a year?

Do you have any figures on how much identity theft has cost individuals, banks, and retailers?

And almost all these accounts are protected only by passwords.

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Decades ago, there was a science fiction movie called “The Body Snatchers.” Huge seed pods landed from outer space, containing aliens that took on the exact physical characteristics of a person and “became” that person, except with no human emotions.Start out with a shocking fact – over 20 million Americans are victims every year, or, each one of us can expect to be a victim of some type of identity theft in our lifetimes.It is, in fact, the fastest growing crime world-wide.Read More → Identity theft is the information age's new crime.A criminal collects enough personal data on the victim to impersonate him to banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions. In 1556, a Frenchman was executed for impersonating Martin Guerre and this week hackers impersonated Barack Obama on Twitter.It's not even unique to humans: mockingbirds, Viceroy butterflies, and the brown octopus all use impersonation as a survival strategy.Because it is such a huge issue, the identity theft essay or paper has become a hugely popular assignment in high schools and colleges, in a variety of courses – English, IT, sociology, economics, business, and psychology, to name a few.And it is favorite topic for students when they are given a choice for their essays and papers.If you are getting ready to write an essay on identity theft, you will probably need to focus on one aspect of this crime, unless you are writing a major research work of many pages.You will also need to determine the purpose – expository, narrative, or persuasive.


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