If A College Essay Is Optional Should I Do It

Should I elect to write the optional SAT or ACT essay?Should I spend even more time taking an already tiring test? The essay portions of the SAT and ACT are optional in the same way extra credit classwork is optional.

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What are the college admissions folks who read your essay looking for?

As with your English teacher, they are looking for unity, coherence, and excellent grammar and punctuation.

Upload the graded written paper alongside your application materials when submitting the Common Application, the Universal College Application or the Coalition Application. Mail, email or upload the graded written paper to your applicant portal.

The grade and the teacher comments should appear on the paper.

If your school does not offer grades for student work, please submit teacher comments and a rubric.

If you have already graduated and are taking a year off, you may contact your secondary school to obtain a graded written paper.They want your essay to have an appropriate tone, your argument to address the topic provided, and finally, they want to see evidence of your critical reasoning skills.At A Test Prep and Tutoring, we specialize in helping students navigate the testing process. If you need instruction or practice in any aspect of the SAT or ACT essay, we have experienced writing tutors who will work with you until you feel confident.Additionally, UF has the following supplementary questions, each with a 950-character limit, though “Not applicable” might apply for some of them: Applicants who use FSU’s own application must choose one of five prompts — which are exactly the same as the five Coalition Application options, and can be found here (scroll down the page) — and write a 550-word maximum essay in response to it.Regardless of which application you use to apply to FSU, you can upload a one- or two-page résumé.FAMU has a required 500-word-maximum essay in response to this prompt: “” While FAU doesn’t require an essay from its Honors College applicants, application instructions on its website read, in part: “To strengthen your Honors College application for admission and scholarship consideration, we encourage you to submit a résumé and academic research paper.While this blog couldn’t possibly cover everything related to application essays and SUS schools, we think that it delivers salient information, and we encourage you to contact us by phone (561-241-1610) or email if you’d like our help in crafting winning application essays.(Part 1 of this two-part series addresses whether it benefits a student to complete the essay portion of his or her standardized test.) To write or not to write?That is the question that plagues college applicants in between band practices, soccer games, algebra quizzes, and proctored practice SAT tests.This will further the holistic understanding of the student’s application and help admission officers evaluate the student’s potential contributions to and ability to thrive in the University’s rigorous academic environment Princeton no longer requires applicants to submit the optional writing section of the SAT or ACT (the SAT Essay or ACT Writing Test), because taking the test with the optional writing section adds an additional cost that may be a financial burden to some applicants.We became concerned that students at schools where the ACT or SAT is offered for free, but only the optional writing section.


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