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Radiologists are doctors who use x-ray, MRI and ultrasound technologies to create images in order to examine, diagnose, and even treat their patients' medical conditions.

Some of the medical issues that radiologists explore are broken bones, blood clots, internal injuries and even cancer.

» Does the quality of the chemical processing of radiographic film have any effect on the radiation exposure of a patient?

» Is the radiation exposure to a patient affected by the size of the image (area covered by the X-ray beam)?

Send all official college transcripts including those from Fall 2014 to the Health Careers Department.

(see above) Step 5: Once prerequisites are met and applications are submitted, students will participate in a clinical shadow to be scheduled by the program. Step 7: Final acceptance is pending successful completion of clinical requirements.

Yes, maintaining high-quality film processing reduces unnecessary patient exposure in several ways.

First, if films are underdeveloped and appear underexposed, the usual reaction is to increase the exposure of the patient and the film in an attempt to compensate. Second, if the processing is not properly controlled and fluctuates with time, some films might be incorrectly exposed and require repeating. The appropriate action is to have a good film processor quality control programme that ensures both adequate and consistent processing.

Frequently asked questions by the health professionals » Is it a good practice to select "high speed" type intensifying screens that require relatively low exposure and use them for all radiographic procedures in my facility?

» How does performing a reject analysis in radiography reduce unnecessary exposure to patients?


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