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Font size can also make a big impact on your paper.

But what happens when you have 4 and a half pages done of your five page essay?

There are plenty of writing techniques to flesh ideas out and make it longer, but I’m assuming that your essay is perfect as it is and you want a more technological answer.

Changing the margins of a page is another great way to change the length of your paper.

By decreasing the amount of space the words can take up per page, you increase the number of pages required to fit your existing content.

Changing the left margin is a bit risky since most papers are left-justified, meaning that the left edge will be relatively the same for all papers.

The right margin, however, can be changed to your heart’s content, since the length of words, number of letters, and number of spaces greatly affect each line’s right edge.

Just changing the font size from 12 to 13 can add a few lines to your paper.

Below is a picture of identical text in two columns, both in Times New Roman, but size 12 on the left and size 13 on the right.

The thing to remember is that the longer the base essay, the more they amplify the length.

So for instance, if your essay is 10 lines with double spacing, and you change the spacing to 2.1, you get an extra 0.1 of a line for every line you’ve written, and 0.1×10 = 1.


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