Information Security Business Plan

Information Security Business Plan-1
It’s the cornerstone for communication and collaboration for all of your employees, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Then they get a letter from a law firm alleging you are violating patent seeking damages.

Unable to deal with the onslaught, they shut down the business.

For weeks the attackers do nothing — they just watch silently collecting data.

Over a period of days or weeks they work to quietly move laterally and gain more access.

As the startup team works on, the hackers monitor and mirror the progress.

They see the code the startup developed to make the product work. The patent application draft being passed around for review. They take all of it silently in the background and the startup team is none the wiser.

Just a few years ago, technology strategy followed business strategy.

Often, it was just a footnote in the business plan.

Malware is being sent to customers from your email addresses.

High value customers also receive emails from a competitor offering a similar product.


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