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The tone of your body paragraphs depends on a topic you chose —for funny compare and contrast essay topics you don’t have to use professional vocabulary and more serious voice, but for many topics, especially if they are scientific or academic, you have to use specific language.Before writing the body paragraphs, create a list of things you know about each of the subjects.Your readers probably already know something about the main topic, so it’s best to prepare for them something else, not only general information.

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Block structure is when you give a full information about one object first and then about another.

You can choose any type of structure you prefer if it wasn’t said in instructions for your essay which one exactly to use.

For such types of topics make sure to find out as much as possible about the main subject. Compare and contrast essay topics for college students 7. Topics for high school students Essay paper writing Academic writing Sacrifice Essay Writing Guide Sacrifice is a phenomenon that is largely lacking in modern society.

You should use only reliable and academic resources for your essay because false information will turn readers away from you. In the era of consumer philosophy and selfish goals, people began to forget about disinterested motives that bring not material…

Ask yourself what do you already know and what requires more research.

Review your list from time to time, remove and add new things to it if necessary.If you see that there might be a weak connection between the subjects, research a little more.Try to find not only interesting facts but also something that might not be known widely.No doubt, there are many obstacles on the way to a perfect compare and contrast essay, but all of them are definitely worth it. Think about what you are interested in, what you are passionate about.Compare and contrast essay provides its audience with different views on the same problem or subject, giving readers a freedom to decide what they think about the issue after learning more about. There are many good compare and contrast essay topics out there, you just need to find the one you like.Compare and contrast essays are very popular tasks in college, so no wonder if you will get this one as your assignment.Here are some great compare and contrast essay topics college-level institutions might what are their main similarities and differences’. Instead of this, try to make a specific statement like ‘Both school and college help us find great friends and learn new material, but they have different educational purposes’. In body paragraphs provide the evidence and support for the main argument and give more information about the subjects.Each body paragraph should provide a different proof that will analyze the evidence and how it connects to other proofs and thesis statement.The role of an introduction is to encourage readers to continue reading, so try adding an interesting fact or a story from life that will get your readers interested.You can also ask your readers a provocative question and answer it in the main part or conclusion of the essay.


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