Irony In Cask Of Amontillado Essay

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His vengeance was only pleasurable for a short period, because Fortunato’s cry only lasted several minutes.

At the end, Fortunato made fun of his tormentor, and upon his death Montresor admits that his “heart grew sick” (Poe 8).

In the first part, Monstresor is infuriated by what he perceives as an insult from Fortunato.

As a result, he vows to inflict vengeance on Fortunato.

Poe’s tale can be interpreted as an allegory of the pain, death, and the senselessness of vengeance.

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To reflect all the three identified themes, Poe (knowingly or unknowingly) divided his story into three parts.To readers with a critical eye however, the figurative speech, and the hyperbole contained in the story cannot go unnoticed.– Montresor, who is committed to punishing a perceived wrong, is also committed to carrying out a wrong without being punished for it.By his own admission, Montressor states that “a wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser” (Poe 3).Poe also hints at the emptiness of revenge through Montresor’s description of his feeling as “sick” soon as he realized he had just killed Fortunato.The second part of Poe’s take is apparent when Montresor lures Fortunato underground, and gets him drunk.As human nature would have it, people are often quicker to see weaknesses in other while ignoring their more apparent flaws.As such, Montresor finds his companion’s “transgression” worthy of the cruelest death, and believes that his cause is so right that he deserves to get away with it.This was in direct disregard for his instructions to them not to leave the house at all while he is away.Of course, there is the implication that he knew beforehand what they would do.Unfortunately, Fortunato seems not to have suffered the pain of dying, as Montresor would have liked.– Montresor triggers a paradox by juxtaposing in the same sentence the phrase “punish with impunity,” two words that are ordinarily antithetical.


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