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While there, she instantly connects with Helen and in spite of being an orphan, loses her feelings of loneliness and abandonment.Jane had never met a girl like Helen before and feels glad to have been finally embraced and loved by someone.

After the epidemic the headmaster changes and the living conditions change for better too.

Jane not only successfully finishes school but even stays for two more years to teach there.

On the way to her own happiness Jane has to lean several brutal lessons and she found herself being equal to anyone as long as she feels this way.

All the obstacles in Jane Eyres life made her confident and free.

The importance of equality in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre.

As Jane is pure inside she does not allow herself to be weak and to follow her heart as she knows that the social, economic and moral equality will kill their relationship.Discuss the lesson Jane Eyre learned from Helen Burns?What is the difference between the philosophies of the girls?Helen opposes Jane as she is not looking for anything expect her faith and she lives simply to accept all the humiliations.Her death symbolizes Janes inability to simply stand all the suffering and also her desire to belong, to be loved and to find something better.She is not really needed by anyone and is very afraid not to belong to a place but be true to her principles and sense of dignity.Jane is searching for justice and only her faith helps her to overcome all the obstacles in her life. Reed, then from Lowood School, then from Rochester not agreeing to be his mistress and not his wife and frees herself from marrying her cousin.In the same way as the aforementioned celebrities, Jane develops into a strong and confidant woman who ends up falling in love with Mr. Jane is initially lonely and Rochester asks Jane a question, she answers, “I should be obliged to take time, sir, before I could give you an answer worthy of your acceptance” (127).This good example of Jane’s hesitance highlights the time she takes to analyze every word she responds with to avoid feeling foolish, something that changes through the story.As the story progresses and she gets older, she makes friends such as Helen Burns, the girl she met at Lowood, and sheds her feelings of loneliness.As she befriends more people, she overcomes her hesitant tendencies and expresses herself openly.


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