Justifying An Evaluation Essay

Facebook is a social networking website that was originally designed for college students, but is now open to anyone 13 years of age or older.Facebook users can create and customize their own profiles with photos, videos, and other information about themselves.

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Identify the genre of the film and its central theme.Identify the film's protagonist and antagonist and discuss the respective strengths and weaknesses that make them compelling characters.Analyze the actors and the characters they portray.Genre is what dictates how the movie will be categorized at the video store.Movie themes can generally be distilled to a single sentence or proverb.Michelle Maystrovich Evaluation essay Facebook One of the new phenomenon’s of our generation is facebook, and with over four hundred million users on it, it is definitely not hard to add friends easily.However, Facebook is also an easy way to replace the outside world with spending all day surfing other peoples profiles.Evaluate the depth and credibility of their performances.For example, discuss whether the role is a radical departure from characters the actor typically portrays or whether the role is virtually interchangeable with past characters he has performed.For example, "Love conquers all," "Blood is thicker than water," "All that glitters isn't gold".Describe the inciting incident that establishes the story's major conflict.


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