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However, genkō yōshi is still very widely used, especially by students.Primary and secondary students in particular are required to hand in assignments written on genkō yōshi, and essays for school entrance examinations are also written on the paper, making knowledge of the correct way to use genkō yōshi essential.Prior to the Edo period, handwriting was often calligraphic and written materials often made use of scrolls, which would have made the guidelines printed on genkō yōshi a hindrance, although paper was sometimes printed with vertical lines designed to keep columns of vertical writing straight.

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Most of the same sounds are used in katakana as in hiragana.

If your name is not Japanese, this is the set of syllables that would be used to spell it.

is used for foriegn words that have been imported into Japanese.

Like hiragana, it is a set of syllables used to spell words.

Kanji can be used in compounds and in conjunction with the other two writing systems.

To read a newspaper, one must know at least the 1,945 Jouyou kanji, hiragana and katakana.

All punctuation marks, other marks (such as parentheses), and small kana usually occupy their own square, unless this would place them at the top of a new column, in which case they share the last square of the previous column with the character in that square.

(This is the kinsoku shori rule.) A full stop followed directly by closing quotation mark are written in one square.

However, when writing quoted text such as direct speech, the opening quotation mark ( in vertical writing) is placed in the first square of the column.

Like printed vertical Japanese, full stops, commas, and small kana are placed in the top right corner of their own square.


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