King Midas Essay

To comprehend the myth fully, one must explore its context.

He instantly changed the Maenads into trees at that moment of the murder.

Very much like Daphne became a laurel tree, the Maenads became a band of oak trees.

Long ago, during the time of knights and dragons, there lived a king named Midas.

He was considered one of the richest men on earth, but just like the many wealthy people around, money did not bring much happiness to him.

In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is a businessman who has turned his small amount of saving into a million dollars, which is very similar to when King Midas turns everything into gold.

Gatsby is a very well known businessperson with lots of money after ‘stealing’ from many people. com) Gatsby was a wealthy man who sought out the opportunity to replicate his wealth while King Midas was a Greek man who was granted the wish of having a golden touch.

King Midas and the Golden Contact, is among the most well-known myths in western lore.

It details the tale of one guy’s greed and lust for wealth resulting in his ultimate downfall.

Gatsby is also known for creating social bonds as a bonds man in West Egg and knows how to cheat people out of money. This wish was granted by the Greek god, Dionysis, as a reward for an unknown reason; at first, Midas rejoiced and loved the gift because it brought him fortune.

(“The Midas Touch is the “golden touch””) Gatsby and Midas are similar in the sense that they both enjoyed have a fortune to their name even though it would only harm themselves in the end.


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