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If they don't have it as an optional essay, then don't worry about it.

If they don't have it as an optional essay, then don't worry about it.Especially NYU because they don't yield protect.Therefore, we have not yet determined what our median GRE scores are.

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When possible, at least one of the recommendations should be provided by a faculty member with whom you pursued your undergraduate studies.

Relatives should not be asked to submit recommendations.

This is an optional portion of the application; you are in no way disadvantaged should you choose not to submit a one or two page written statement or a one or two-minute video response.

If you choose to respond by video, please upload it to an easily accessible website and provide us the URL.

UVA is one that likes to have people submit it as an addendum though. I was planning on writing them, but there is a whole lot of "law schools generally don't give a shit about what you write" so I wasn't sure if that extended to them asking you to write some supplementary stuff.

Sorry I have another question - this time about Columbia.Each candidate must submit to Pepperdine Law a completed application for admission available online through the Law School Admission Council's website.All applicants for admission must have received a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university prior to registration.Led by our faith-based values, we believe that each person's voice and convictions enhance our community.In light of this, you may choose by responding to the prompt below to provide the Admissions Committee additional information about yourself and the contributions you would make to our community.They have an optional "Supplementary Essay" and say they are especially interested in diversity-related things. If one's stats are well above the median do you think one should still submit the optional essays?I should take this as them asking for a DS and the like, and not an opportunity to say why I want to go to Columbia right? I'm just so burnt out at this point and just wanna be done with it.Therefore, a comparable score on the GRE would be one that scored in the 82nd percentile of that test.Fall 2019 is the first application cycle in which we are accepting GRE scores.If I don't feel I have any addenda to submit, should I treat these the same way? As far as the T14 go, common wisdom is that all of the schools you listed are concerned about yield, so it's best to include optional essays.Plenty of people still get in without them, but I still think it's worth it.


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