Legalizing Marijuana Essay Outline

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But even when Kleiman and others are consulted by states, their hands are somewhat tied by federal law and simplistic ballot initiatives.

Part of the problem may be how states are choosing to legalize marijuana.

"They are an industry with a set of objectives that flatly contradicts public interest." Indeed, one study of Colorado's pot market, conducted by the Marijuana Policy Group for the Colorado Department of Revenue, found the top 29.9 percent heaviest pot users in the state made up 87.1 percent of demand for the drug.

For the marijuana industry, that makes the heaviest users the most lucrative customers.There are many, many layers to marijuana laws and legalization.There are still major questions about the risks of teen use, whether marijuana really needs to be rescheduled to allow research into its medical use, and how legalization will ultimately affect rates of drug use."I still have not heard a good reason why we need any edibles," Sabet says."I think it's really difficult to make an argument that you need lemon-flavored gummy bears that have THC in them." But some in the industry have pushed back against regulations attached to the goods. It may not be available at this time, the URL may have changed, or we may be experiencing technical problems locating it.If you have questions, please contact [email protected] our Ask a Librarian service for help.They're making money from the heavy users." Mark Kleiman, a drug policy expert at New York University's Marron Institute who supports a much more regulated form of legalization, has consistently pointed to the commercialization of marijuana as one of his primary concerns with the current model of legalization.Marijuana companies' "best customers are the problem users," Kleiman said in a previous interview.What if Big Marijuana behaves like Big Alcohol and Big Tobacco?With marijuana legalization now voter-approved in four states, a new major industry is beginning to form around selling legal pot for profit.


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