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After the embargo period has passed, the thesis full text is available online to any person. If you have concerns that you will limit your ability to publish your work if your thesis is available via open access or if you have a publication pending, you should select “external embargo”.

This is sufficient to meet genuine needs to limit access pending a publication submission or if the thesis contains published articles that are subject to publisher embargoes. The embargo is for two years and can be extended for another two years if required.

If you have not been successful in obtaining these permissions, you will need to deposit two copies of the thesis.

Likewise, if your thesis includes confidential or sensitive material you should consider depositing two copies. If you are unsure what constitutes third-party copyright and what is legitimate use and what use would require permission, see Copyright in my Thesis.

Until it is made publicly available, your thesis is an untapped resource of original research.

Library Thesis Consent Form How To Do A Research Proposal Outline

The University is committed to ensuring that all research outputs are disseminated as widely as possible.

Once your thesis is deposited to Minerva Access if you selected embargo to your thesis, you may lift the embargo before its expiry by submitting an email request, along with your supervisor’s endorsement, to Minerva Access.

The ARC Open Access Policy applies to all research outputs stemming from grant funds, including publications produced by graduate researchers whose scholarships are funded by the ARC.

The embargo period of two years can be extended for up to an additional two years if required.

You will be contacted prior to the initial two year embargo period expires to invite you to extend for an additional two years.


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