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Moreover, there are some specific things to keep in mind when looking for the best topics and, indeed, titles for your work.

Moreover, there are some specific things to keep in mind when looking for the best topics and, indeed, titles for your work.

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You might choose several similar essays and compare the two.

The Victorian was known as the "Age of Expansion," and a great deal of change took place during this time, including social and economic wealth, as well as problems, as a result of industrialization.

Select these or other plays within the same genre and compare/contrast their themes, plots, characters, or some other element of style. Clear and precise images and deeper emotions in poetry were characteristic of the poetry of the Imagist Movement. Seemingly casual incidents of life that served to show deeper meaning were featured in short stories by authors like Joyce, Katherine Mansfield, Lawrence, Forster, Doris Lessing, and Susan Hill.

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When it comes to selecting a topic for the English literature essay, don't be afraid to go beyond the realm of William Shakespeare.

While interludes and morality plays remained popular, drama evolved into a more sophisticated art form during this time. You may also discuss the English Metaphysical poets, who added new complexity to the movement with their colloquial language. Writers were now delving into the internal thoughts of their characters.

Different genres began to emerge, especially varieties of comedy, such as romantic, domestic, city, and classical intrigue comedy. Many of Shakespeare's plays were chronicle history plays, such as . This period of time was known as the "Heroic Age" of the novel, and major contributors included, Joseph Conrad, James Joyce, D. The emergence of documentary type novelists also became more prominent.

You may discuss some of the writers who had a positive reaction, such as the works of Thomas Babington Macaulay.

Or you could discuss how commerce took a toll on human happiness, a theme commonly visited in the works of Tennyson.


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