Literature Review Of Financial Performance Analysis

At the same time, the good function of companies is perceived as a source of important spillover effects at the regional level, as highlighted at [16,17,18].

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Regarding research methods, the use of algorithms is appropriate for crafting and testing theory in business research and to understand actual thinking processes [12].

In addition, any insightful combination of conditions usually has an asymmetrical relationship with an outcome condition and fs QCA allows for asymmetrical relationships of conditions.

The second contribution lies in the estimated model itself, which is based on the so-called Du Pont analysis, as in [13], that breaks the return on equity ratio into its constituent components, operating and asset use efficiency, and financial leverage, to determine which of these components is most responsible for changes in ROE.

The results suggest that CSP affects FP in firms with an efficient use of their assets, by both facilitating access to funds, and lowering their financial cost.

The term ‘triple bottom line’, developed by [1], tries to emphasize three aspects, people (social), profits (economic) and planet (environmental), which must be present in the business management.

The implementation of social, environmental, and economic actions with sustainability criteria is a consequence of the deep globalization that the markets have experienced and the growing demand of stakeholders of social commitment and transparency, on the part of the companies.

The model also incorporates other business variables that might affect the relationships between both types of performance, such as return on assets (ROA) ratio, company size, debt ratio, and industry.

The results suggest that, for specific industries, return on assets is a necessary condition for companies with leverage to reduce the cost of debt due to their sustainability profile and consequently boost their ROE.

In the same vein, [22] highlights the importance of integrated reporting, a disclosure standard that aims to relate financial and non-financial information, as a more comprehensive view of organizational performance.

This enables an organization to develop a complete framework to ensure a proper allocation of limited resources within the firm.


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