Literature Review On Solar Energy

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However, the course runs over Spring semesters during this time it is not open edit. Although this page is hosted by MOST it is open edit. If you are new to Appropedia, you can start contributing after you create an account or log in if you have an existing account. I am currently in the beginning phase of performing an extensive literature review on all materials concerning German Renewable energy policy, especially in regards to solar power.

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This page is part of an MTU graduate course MY5490/EE5490: Solar Photovoltaic Science and Engineering. Frondel, M., Ritter, N., Schmidt, C., Vance, C., 2010. Germany’s solar cell promotion: Dark clouds on the horizon [WWW Document]. Transforming the energy sector: the evolution of technological systems in renewable energy technology [WWW Document].

Both the course documentation and the course generated content is open source. Economic impacts from the promotion of renewable energy technologies: The German experience [WWW Document].

Japan’s post-Fukushima challenge – implications from the German experience on renewable energy policy [WWW Document].

“Survey of photovoltaic industry and policy in Germany and China.” [WWW Document].

The price of policy risk — Empirical insights from choice experiments with European photovoltaic project developers [WWW Document]. Lehr, U., Nitsch, J., Kraztat, M., Lutz, C., Edler, D., 2008.

The merit-order effect: A detailed analysis of the price effect of renewable electricity generation on spot market prices in Germany [WWW Document].

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The diverging paths of German and United States policies for renewable energy: Sources of difference [WWW Document].

Renewable energy and employment in Germany [WWW Document].


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