Management Accounting Thesis

Management Accounting Thesis-59
In the light of such determination, strategic management accounting techniques were proposed to manage each driver in each model.The comprehensive profitability model is also proposed using the measurement levels of the cost, assets and revenue models.

The findings of this study can be generalized to the Egyptian ICT sector's members.Some theses are available in full-text on e Prints Soton.A sample of Masters and undergraduate dissertations is available on Blackboard.You can search for theses submitted to UK institutions.Note that abstracts are not included for all theses.There is access to over 151,000 full-text research theses from 269 Universities sourced from 17 European countries.World Cat is the world's largest network of library content and services including theses and dissertations from over 70,000 library catalogues worldwide.A broadly positivist View, which utilizes both deductive reasoning coupled with a quantitative approach, was employed to create the profitability model.The creation of profitability model is enacted through an exploratory study.The study found that there is a positive association between each proposed driver in the cost, assets, and revenue and profitability models.It also found that there is a positive association between each proposed approach in the assets and revenue model, and profitability.


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