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Just applying for an ROTC scholarship does not obligate you to serve in the military.In exchange for your ROTC scholarship funding, as noted, you’ll sign a contract agreeing to serve in the military in a certain capacity for a certain period of time, which may range from three to twelve years.

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Students who join ROTC are also expected to follow certain rules regarding their behavior, even when they’re not actively engaged in training.

Dishonesty, cheating, failing a drug test, or otherwise getting into trouble can lead to disciplinary action and jeopardize your ROTC scholarship.

Are you considering making military service part of your career plan, and wondering how this might affect your college funding options?

Read on to learn more about the ROTC program, how to access ROTC scholarships, and what kind of commitment joining ROTC entails. The Army, the Navy (which also trains for the Marine Corps), and the Air Force each operate their own ROTC programs, while the Coast Guard operates a similar program, known as the CSPI program. 38.5% of new Army officers are trained through ROTC, and the figure for Air Force officers is 38.1%.

However, it’s definitely true that if you’re planning on pursuing a military career, ROTC — short for the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps — can open certain doors for you in terms of options for financing your college education.

ROTC participants who commit to a certain term of service as an officer in the Army, Navy, or Air Force can receive substantial assistance with paying for college, up to the full cost of attendance at certain universities.

While not every student in ROTC receives a scholarship, and scholarship offers vary, receiving a ROTC scholarship can have a major impact upon your ability to afford a college education.

Depending upon the military branch and the individual student, an ROTC scholarship may cover all or part of the student’s tuition.

As with other college application tasks, if you’re interested in applying for an ROTC scholarship, it pays to get started early.

You’ll need to choose which military branch to apply to, and make sure ROTC meshes with your other plans for college.


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