Mark Driscoll Master'S Thesis

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Neeral Shah - Impact and implications of climate variability and change on glacier mass balance in Kenya Tomos Roberts - Non-oscillatory interpolation for the Semi-Lagrangian scheme Zak Kipling - Error growth in medium-range forecasting models Zoe Gumm - Bragg Resonance by Ripple Beds Muhammad Akram - Linear and Quadratic Finite Elements for a Moving Mesh Method Andrew Ash - Examination of non-Time Harmonic Radio Waves Incident on Plasmas Cassandra Moran - Harbour modelling and resonances Elena Panti - Boundary Element Method for Heat Transfer in a Buried Pipe Juri Parrinello - Modelling water uptake in rice using moving meshes Ashley Twigger - Blow-up in the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation Using an Adaptive Mesh Method Chloe Ward - Numerical Evaluation of Oscillatory Integrals Christopher Warner - Forward and Inverse Water-Wave Scattering by Topography Fawzi Al Busaidi - Fawzi_Albusaidi Christopher Bowden - A First Step Towards the Calculation of a Connectivity Matrix for the Great Barrier Reef Evangelia-Maria Giannakopoulou - Flood Prediction and Uncertainty Victoria Heighton - 'Every snowflake is different' Thomas Jordan - Does Self-Organised Criticality Occur in the Tropical Convective System?

Gillian Morrison - Numerical Modelling of Tidal Bores using a Moving Mesh Rachel Pritchard - Evaluation of Fractional Dispersion Models Tamsin Lee - New methods for approximating acoustic wave transmission through ducts (PDF 2.5MB) Lee Morgan - Anomalous diffusion (PDF-1.5MB) Keith Pham - Finite element modelling of multi-asset barrier options (PDF-3MB) Alastair Radcliffe - Finite element modelling of the atmosphere using the shallow water equations (PDF-2.5MB) Sanita Vetra - The computation of spectral representations for evolution PDE (PDF-3.2MB) Laura Baker - Properties of the ensemble Kalman filter (PDF-3.8MB) Alison Brass - A moving mesh method for the discontinuous Galerkin finite element technique (PDF-916KB) Daniel Lucas - Application of the phase/amplitude method to the study of trapped waves in the atmosphere and oceans (PDF-1.1MB) Duduzile Nhlengethwa - Petrol or diesel (PDF-1MB) Rhiannon Roberts - Modelling glacier flow (PDF-406KB) David Skinner - A moving mesh finite element method for the shallow water equations (PDF-4.3MB) Jovan Stojsavljevic - Investigation of waiting times in non-linear diffusion equations using a moving mesh method (PDF-538KB) Bonhi Bhattacharya - A moving finite element method for high order nonlinear diffusion problems Jonathan Coleman - High frequency boundary element methods for scattering by complex polygons Rachael England - The use of numerical methods in solving pricing problems for exotic financial derivatives with a stochastic volatility Stefan King - Best fits with adjustable nodes and scale invariance Edmund Ridley - Analysis of integral operators from scattering problems Nicholas Robertson - A moving Lagrangian mesh model of a lava dome volcano and talus slope Iain Davison - Scale analysis of short term forecast errors Richard Silveira - Electromagnetic scattering by simple ice crystal shapes Nicola Stone - Development of a simplified adaptive finite element model of the Gulf Stream Halina Watson - The behaviour of 4-D Var for a highly nonlinear system Jonathan Aitken - Data dependent mesh generation for peicewise linear interpolation Stephen Arden - A collocation method for high frequency scattering by convex polygons Shaun Benbow - Numerical methods for american options Stewart Chidlow - Approximations to linear wave scattering by topography using an integral equation approach Philip Mc Laughlin - Outdoor sound propagation and the boundary element method Antonis Neochoritis - Numerical modelling of islands and capture zone size distributions in thin film growth Kylie Osman - Numerical schemes for a non-linear diffusion problem Shaun Potticary - Efficient evaluation of highly oscillatory integrals Martyn Taylor - Investigation into how the reduction of length scales affects the flow of viscoelastic fluid in parallel plate geometries Aanand Venkatramanan - American spread option pricing Richard Fruehmann - Ageostrophic wind storms in the central Caspian sea Gemma Furness - Using optimal estimation theory for improved rainfall rates from polarization radar Edward Hawkins - Vorticity extremes in numerical simulations of 2-D geostrophic turbulence Robert Horton - Two dimensional turbulence in the atmosphere and oceans David Livings - Aspects of the ensemble Kalman filter David Sproson - Energetics and vertical structure of the thermohaline circulation Rakhib Ahmed - Numerical schemes applied to the Burgers and Buckley-Leverett equations James Atkinson - Embedding methods for the numerical solution of convolution equations Catherine Campbell-Grant - A comparative study of computational methods in cosmic gas dynamics Paresh Prema - Numerical modelling of Island ripening Mark Webber - The point source methods in inverse acoustic scattering Oliver Browne - Improving global glacier modelling by the inclusion of parameterised subgrid hypsometry within a three-dimensional, dynamical ice sheet model Petros Dalakakis - Radar scattering by ice crystals Eleanor Gosling - Flow through porous media: recovering permeability data from incomplete information by function fitting. Anderson - A dual-porosity model for simulating the preferential movement of water in the unsaturated zone of a chalk aquifer.

Sarah Grintzevitch - Heat waves: their climatic and biometeorological nature in two north american reigions Helen Mansley - Dense water overflows and cascades Polly Smith - Application of conservation laws with source terms to the shallow water equations and crowd dynamics Peter Taylor - Application of parameter estimation to meteorology and food processing Kate Alexander - Investigation of a new macroscopic model of traffic flow Luke Bennetts - An application of the re-iterated Galerkin approximation in 2-dimensions Peter Spence - The Position of the free boundary formed between an expanding plasma and an electric field in differing geometries Daniel Vollmer - Adaptive mesh refinement using subdivision of unstructured elements for conservation laws Clare Harris - The Valuation of weather derivatives using partial differential equations Sarah Kew - Development of a 3D fractal cirrus model and its use in investigating the impact of cirrus inhomogeneity on radiation Emma Quaile - Rotation dominated flow over a ridge Jemma Shipton - Gravity waves in multilayer systems Winnie Chung - A Spectral Method for the Black Scholes Equations Penny Marno - Crowded Macroscopic and Microscopic Models for Pedestrian Dynamics Malachy Mc Connell - On the numerical solution of selected integrable non-linear wave equations Stavri Mylona - An Application of Kepler's Problem to Formation Flying using the Störmer-Verlet Method Sarah Brodie - Numerical Modelling of Stratospheric Temperature Changes and their Possible Causes Matt Sayer - Upper Ocean Variability in the Equatorial Pacific on Diurnal to Intra-seasonal Timescales Laura Stanton - Linearising the Kepler problem for 4D-var Data Assimilation R. Brad - An Implementation of the Box Scheme for use on Transcritical Problems D.

Garwood - A Comparison of two approaches for the Approximating of 2-D Scattered Data, with Applications to Geological Modelling R. Smith - The Evolution of Travelling Waves in a Simple Model for an Ionic Autocatalytic System P.

Kirkland - Huge singular values and the distance to instability..

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Neil - An investigation of the dynamics of several equidistribution schemes.

Burton - Re-iterative methods for integral equations.

Hobbs - A moving finite element approach to semiconductor process modelling in 1-D..

Neylon - Block iterative methods for three-dimensional groundwater flow models.

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