Master'S Thesis On Computer Networking

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They all are connected with the physical medium so that’s why they can be guided as wireless network system or copper wire network system to provide calculated data speed in the notes time frame.

It spreads motions as electromagnetic waves or light pulses.

Each layer follows the protocol of the upper layer to provide services and then that layer follows the upper layer, this process will continue until data is transmitted or received.

Lower layer always follows the basic set of rules and upper layer follows the advanced set of rules.

Of course, one thing that is vitally important when writing about computer networking is to keep your topic and your research very recent.

Computers are evolving as we speak—as is software, applications, and the way we approach engaging with computers as well.

Dissertations that provide guidance for people trying to learn more about computer networking are being published consistently and the great thing about being in your field, computers, is that the field results in the most publishable dissertations in academia.

So write with an eye toward selling this book for big bucks when you are finished!

What you want is a topic that yields recent research but solid research—so aim at writing about a concept that is not completely new but not so old that things have completely changed yet.

The reason I say this is because you will want to find high quality journal articles and books on your topic that are not so new they haven’t even been reviewed yet and are not so old that they are outdated.


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