Measurement Problem Solving

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Help your children make connections to metric measurements by using it in their everyday life.

Ask them, "How many meters or kilometers do you think it is from home to school? " Elapsed time is an easy skill to practice at home.

If the minutes go over 60, they must convert these into hours, and minutes. Your child may be confused by the idea of mass and how it is different than weight.

Explain that mass is never affected by anything like gravity.

Although the metric measurement system is not predominantly used in the United States, it is easy to find contexts where metric units are used alone or in addition to customary units.

For example, food product weights are typically labeled with both customary and metric units.

Dealing with quantities is very important in chemistry, as is relating quantities to each other.

In this chapter, we will discuss how we deal with numbers and units, including how they are combined and manipulated.

Distances on road signs may also be given in both customary and metric units.

Knowledge of both customary and metric systems empowers people to use both systems of measurement.


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