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He also remembers that he used to pet rabbits when he lived with his Aunt Clara.As George and Lennie travel around they tell each other their dream as a way of coping with the loneliness of being migrant workers in America in the 1930s.George and Lennie never achieve their dream, but the dream holds their remarkable friendship together.

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Unlike most men in their position, they have something to look forward to and something to share.

At the beginning of the novel, it seems that George and Lennie’s dream is just a fantasy that will never come true, but when they meet Candy things change. If George and Lennie save their money and don’t get ‘canned’ (fired from their jobs) it seems that the three of them would really be able to achieve their dream.

Their very act of striving for the impossible is Steinbeck's way of showing how unattainable the American Dream had become for many Americans, especially during the time period of the Great Depression.

While a century prior it seemed anyone could come to America, work hard, and see a tangible gain, the story of Lennie and George shows how things changed.

They worked hard, but everything that they did always benefited others.

While they received pay and lodging for their labor, they never had a place to call their own.

They build their dream up to such an extent that even if they managed to "roll up a stake" and buy a piece of land, their lives there would likely have never lived up to the ideal they envisioned in their heads (47).

In fact, George admits that their dream was destined to fail: "I think I knowed from the very first. He remarks, because Lennie "[...] usta like to hear about it so much I got to thinking maybe we would" (90).

Lennie has mental issues, which are very clear throughout the story, and him killing her was a mistake of his mental health problems and his overwhelming strength.

He did not mean to kill Curly's wife, he simply wanted to touch her hair longer, the same as what happened in Weed with the woman's dress; although in this instance, George was not there to stop Lennie from doing what he did, and the results are what you have already read.


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