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An overweight woman in a sexless marriage wrestles with the rules of desire.A young man recounts the high-wire act of sharing the woman he loves with both her husband and another boyfriend.Because the predictably depressing "leaving" c I loved about a fourth of the essays in this book, liked about half, and hated a fourth.

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A female sergeant in the Missouri National Guard, fresh from Iraq, tells what she is not supposed to tell about the woman she is not allowed to love.

These are just a few of the people whose stories are included in Modern Love, a collection of the fifty most revealing, funny, stirring essays from the New York Times’s popular “Modern Love” column.

50 Irresistible True Accounts of Love in the Twenty-first Century.

A young woman wryly describes a relationship that races from start to finish almost entirely via text messages.

Editor Daniel Jones has arranged these tales to capture the ebb and flow of relationships, from seeking love and tying the knot to having children and finding love that endures.

(Cynics and melancholics can skip right to the section on splitting up.) Taken together, these essays show through a modern lens how love drives, haunts, and enriches us.

It reads the way you would hear a CD that has its peppy, upbeat songs all first, then the mellow, brooding ones all second, then the depressing or angry tunes at the end.

If the structure of the collection is supposed to mimic the stages of love, then it suggests we will all be heartbroken and alone in the end.

Most of the stories are quirky, heartfelt, excellently written, and engaging.

A few are whiny drivel, but those are the exceptions.


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