Nano Car Research Papers

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co-authored a case study that was published in the August 2011 issue of Marketing Mastermind.

Deepika worked with her colleague Sriram Rajann at the Indian Business School, Hyderabad to unearth fascinating Nano facts to develop the case.

The (A) case is set in 2006 and discusses the decision Tata Motors must make about where in India to locate a manufacturing plant to build the Nano – the world’s cheapest car. Exhibits include statistical comparisons (including population, religious breakdowns, GSDP, etc.); a map of city locations; incentives; and results of elections in each city.

The (A) case presents four possible locations, and the students must evaluate which location would be the best and defend their decision. Students are also asked to evaluate why Tata would aim for - and want to advertise – a national geographical presence in manufacturing.Yet, within a year and a half sales had dipped so much that in November 2010, the company barely managed to sell 500 units.Sales climbed steadily from that low point and within six months the monthly sales figure touched 10,000 units.Anita Basalingappa MICA Tata Nano was India's biggest business story.Launched in 2009, the small car from Tata Motors made headlines all over the world.The case also asks students about the role of geography in the escalation of the crisis, and whether Tata could have anticipated the crisis.(C) case discusses Tata’s decision regarding the plant and updates the situation through 2012.The company also introduced easy access for financing the buying of new cars, new access points, training for sales teams and an aggressive advertising campaign.Arguing that further innovation will be a part of Nano’s future, the authors highlighted its unique aspects.The case was titled Nano’s Revival Strategies: A Platform for Further Innovation.Noting the car’s journey in the Indian market, the authors also described its recent successes abroad.


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