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Where the keywords you searched for appear in the name of the institution or person that originally created the record (often not the same as the institution or person that currently holds the record), the search results are displayed under the ‘Record creators’ tab.

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The item you are looking for could be an article, personal notice, or an image in a newspaper.

This guide identifies some ways for you to search online newspapers or to use online or printed indexes to find a range of newspaper content.

Our registered Victorian users are permitted free access to the archives that we subscribe to.

Be aware if you are accessing a free archive or one which requires you to be a registered user of a library.

Use the index to find references to all original documents and publications (including some references to overseas railways) up to 1972. Useful books and directories include: You can use The National Archives’ library catalogue to find more histories of the press.

Many books have been published on individual newspapers, journals and publishers. database () to find out about British and Irish journalists, 1800-1960.You can also find whole newspapers, newspaper articles and cuttings which have been inserted into The National Archives’ records.These have not always been catalogued, but it is possible to discover them by accident.If you are in the reading rooms at The National Archives at Kew, ask to see the CODOFO paper index, which includes a list of colonial newspapers.If you want to search the London Gazette it’s always best to look on The Gazette website first, but The National Archives also holds an archived copy (1665-1986) in ZJ 1.Other online archives require payment, like Pro Quest Australia & New Zealand Newsstream.Libraries pay an annual fee to the providers of these type of newspaper archives.Contact a library such as the British Library or The National Archives’ Library to ask whether they have an institutional subscription.Some libraries and archives have newspaper collections.Examples include: They have not been digitised, but the originals are held at The National Archives at Kew.They all have the letter codes CO (Colonial Office) or DO (Dominions Office).


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