Nicolaus Copernicus Biography Essay

While attending the University of Bologna, he lived and worked with astronomy professor Domenico Maria de Novara, doing research and helping him make observations of the heavens.Copernicus never took orders as a priest, but instead continued to work as a secretary and physician for his uncle in Warmia.

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19, 1473, in Toruń, Poland, Mikolaj Kopernik (Copernicus is the Latinized form of his name) traveled to Italy at the age of 18 to attend college, where he was supposed to study the laws and regulations of the Catholic Church and return home to become a canon.

However, he spent most of his time studying mathematics and astronomy.

He was not the iconic hero that he has become."Although Copernicus' model changed the layout of the universe, it still had its faults.

For one thing, Copernicus held to the classical idea that the planets traveled in perfect circles.

Polish police then used the skull to reconstruct how its owner might have looked.

Nature quotes the AFP as stating that the reconstruction "bore a striking resemblance to portraits of the young Copernicus."In 2010, his remains were blessed with holy water by some of Poland's highest-ranking clerics before being reburied, his grave marked with a black granite tombstone decorated with a model of the solar system.

In it, he proposed that the center of the universe was not Earth, but that the sun lay near it.

He also suggested that Earth's rotation accounted for the rise and setting of the sun, the movement of the stars, and that the cycle of seasons was caused by Earth's revolutions around it.


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