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He remains caught between two extremes--a hero or a hermit--with no middle ground between the two.Sometimes, the UM immersed himself so deeply in the "sublime and beautiful" that he would be filled with a great love for mankind, and a deep desire to see others.

He remains caught between two extremes--a hero or a hermit--with no middle ground between the two.

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Plot and Major Characters The notes of the underground man consist of two sections, "The Underground," a theoretical creed setting forth the fictional author's personal philosophy, and "Apropos of the Wet Snow," in which he recollects several experiences of his twenty-fourth year that anticipate his present condition and philosophy.He would run in to this same officer in the street, and try to stare him down, but would always end up stepping out of the way for him (the officer never recognized him).He writes the officer a long letter listing his grievances, but does not send it.The officer is late r transferred, and the UM never sees him again.The UM then describes how he would spend most of his time either depressed or dreaming of grand lives for himself, all of which involve becoming an important charitable man, beloved by all.The UM starts out talking about the office he worked in when he was twenty-four: apparently he hated everyone there and likewise, they hated him.The narrative then derails while the UM describes the Russian national character, which he believes eliminates fools and elevates Romantics who appreciate the "sublime and beautiful." Returning to his description of his life, he notes that he had no friends and was always alone, spending most of his time reading. like many people in today’s society didn’t know how to act socially, and have interactions with people, therefore he feared the outside world and in turn shut himself off, making it more and more difficult to relate to others outside his “cave.” Through these examples it is apparent that the U. The novel, Notes from the Underground focuses on a man who has lost himself in the world, and through his many troubles, shortcomings, and difficulties with human relations we are all able to meet him on some level. Through the writings of Dostoyevsky, the exploration of a realistic novel is challenged in a time when the stretches of literature had not been perused. Acclaimed as one of the classics of modern literature for its experimental form and style, thematic complexity, and innovative depiction of character psychology, Notes from the Underground is perhaps the most influential of Dostoevsky's works.The novella consists of "notes" on the philosophy and experiences of a retired, embittered recluse living in squalor in St. In creating the fictional author of the notes, who is commonly designated as the "underground man" by critics, Dostoevsky introduced the anti-hero into Russian fiction and firmly established the archetype of the outsider in world literature.


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