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It really showed through the lectures and got a lot of students involved in class conversations." Helana Darwin is an award-winning sociologist of gender, whose research focuses on the regulatory impact of the gender binary system.

Helana has also proposed a paradigm shift in the sociology of gender and religion, through her article “Redoing Gender, Redoing Religion,” published by .

This research theorizes egalitarian social change within patriarchal religious traditions, by centering the experiences of gender-transgressive religious practitioners.

An administrative contact at the collaborator’s institution should be provided at the earliest possible opportunity.

In other instances, you may simply need another institution to provide you with a “cleaned” dataset or will need to pay someone at another institution to complete a small piece of work.

“The Uneven Spread of ICTs Between Rich and Poor Nations: A Cross-National Investigation of Contributing Factors” Burroway, R. “Women’s Property Rights and Change in HIV/AIDS Over Time: A Cross-National Analysis of Incidence Rates, 1990-2009.” "Professor Bhandari is a fantastic teacher. She knows how to make even stats enjoyable to learn.

She's keeps her students engaged in the material and makes sure we understand what she's teaching not just memorize for the test." "The professor was very fun, relatable, and refreshing, and made boring content engaging" "I enjoyed the passion that the professor had for the material.

Her dissertation features three distinct empirical studies addressing contemporary phenomena in international development.

More specifically, these cross-national quantitative studies evaluate the rising salience of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) within development policy discourse.

Andrew focuses on the international aid, policy, and academic debates concerning water access, water scarcity, and international development, health, and the environment.

He has expertise in many quantitative and statistical methodologies.


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