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Dance is an artistic form of movement, usually performed to music, in which the participant or dancer gestures through choreography or improvising.Therapy can be described as a form of healing, caring, or treating an illness.

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By bringing childhood obesity into the awareness of families there is a decreased incidence of it occurring in the future.

Although childhood obesity can not be cured overnight, parents and children can modify their lifestyles by making one change at a time.

This survey will be distributed throughout the college community including students, faculty, and staff, and the results will be shared with the campus community.

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States; over 30% of children ages 6-19 are considered overweight, and [of these, 15% are considered obese.] After performing a literature review of childhood obesity, data analysis determined that a child’s weight is a direct result of his or her environment, daily activities, and family’s lifestyle.

This research paper will review the components of dance therapy, the benefits it provides, and my thoughts and opinions as to why I believe that dance therapy is an effective form of treatment worthy of consideration.

Since Florence Nightingale, quality nursing care has been idealized as compassionate and caring.The etiology domain’s purpose is for the audience to better understand the causes of childhood obesity individual to each family.The goal of the behavioral domain is to suggest ways that users could modify their own lifestyles in order to decrease the prevalence of childhood obesity.Goals set forth by the Healthy People 2010 project focus on using preventive programs to reduce the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes and to improve the quality of life for those who have or are at- risk for Type 2 Diabetes.This presentation will explain the development of a community-based outreach project designed to raise awareness of risk factors and the need for screening for Type 2 Diabetes.Now, more than one hundred years later, what is the definition of quality nursing care?Based on an extensive literature review, I have developed my own definition of quality nursing care supported by examined definitions of quality nursing care and examples from personal experiences.Therefore, the focus of this research project is on changing the family’s lifestyle as a whole.The purpose of this research project is to provide information for parents to use in modifying lifestyles and in understanding the cause, complications, and treatments for childhood obesity.Just by combining these two words one can infer that dance therapy is an artistic form of movement that aims to care for and heal a patient, or treat an illness.Dance therapy is a unique form of alternative medicine that started about 60 years ago when Marian Chace combined dance with psychiatry.


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