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The black areas will be recognized as potential text while the white background is ignored, further increasing the OCR software's accuracy.While some legacy OCR solutions only uses one pass to extract text information from an image, almost all modern OCR software uses two passes.

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OCR software is only part of a larger OCR system composed of other software and hardware components.

OCR software is capable of recognizing text in images that originate from scanners, cameras or PDF generators.

It breaks down the characters into basic shapes so it can create a library of a given document’s font style or handwriting.

This step is usually all that is necessary for typewritten text, but that is not always the case.

That’s why even though PDFs look like regular text documents, computers can’t always copy text from them.

The text in a PDF is part of the image itself, rather than distinct pieces of information readable by a computer.Before an image can be analyzed, it has to be optimized so the OCR software can easily discern the text from the rest of the background.This touch-up step is called pre-processing, and as the name implies, it involves processing an image before it’s analyzed by OCR software.Humans are capable of recognizing the written word no matter how it is presented; we don't know the difference. Computers require machine-readable text to recognize and process text-based information.The characters in an image aren’t readable by a computer since they’re processed the same way as any other part of the image.While users will usually also enter relevant information like the amount to be deposited, the confirmation process is often handled with OCR software.Some real-time translation applications also rely on OCR if they’re translating text from photos.There are two types of algorithms that OCR software can use to recognize text within an image: Once the image has been created, there are still steps that need to be taken before OCR software can begin parsing text from it.Broadly speaking, there are three basic steps to the OCR process: pre-processing, first pass and second pass.The application extracts the relevant text from the photograph or scanned area and then runs the extracted text through With all the possible uses for OCR, it’s unsurprising that OCR has become a staple in multiple industries such as accounting, health care, law and certain government bodies like post offices.However, any business can benefit from having the ability to search, or CTRL/CMD F, any relevant documentation.


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